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{Free} Oppo R15 CPH1835 Tested Secure Boot DA File & Frp Format & Reset Lock With CM2.jpg

What is MTK Secure boot DA (Download-Agent)?

The abbreviation of the MTK Secure Boot DA file is Download-Agent file and the extension is ".bin", MTK Secure Boot DA file is used in (GSM official) programs to remove the secure boot of MediaTek devices, Below are the names of some of the programs that use DA files:
  • CM2MTK
  • Miracle Box
  • Avengers Box
  • NCK Dongle
  • UMT Dongle
  • Flash Tool
  • DA file
  • DA Supported Mobile Phone
  • A Window Supported PC/Laptop
  • A USB cable is required.
Important Notice:
  • Some DA files are specific Box and Dongles (i.e will only work with a specific Mediatek Dongles) so try them on as many Mediatek Flash tools as you can
  • Only Mediatek Mobile Phone with Secure Boot requires a DA file
How To Use DA file

  • Run the Supported Flash Tool program (CM2, Miracle, NCK, Avengers, Or UMT Supported Tool).
  • Choose the MTK CPU and click on the custom setting tab of the Flash Tool.
  • Check the "DA File" box and click on the Custom DA File button.
  • Go to the directory of the DA file, Select the Da file and then click on the Open button.
  • The custom DA file has been loaded into the Flash Tool program (You can see the directory of the DA file in the address bar).
  • The DA file will load automatically and install
  • Now You Can Reset Frp Google Account & Pattern Pattern Code.


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