Skip/Bypass Lock screen Without Loss Mobile Personal Data Via Recovery



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Recently, I faced a problem at the lock screen of my smartphone.
I couldn't break to unlock my mobile phone with the pin code, So after so many attempts, I was able to find a great Trick for this issue. (It works with pattern, pin etc)

Necessary Requirements

1. Mobile Phone That cant be unlocked with your Pin/Pattern Lock
2. Any custom recovery installed (TWRP)..Get TWRP from These Mobiles

Important Steps
I:-Once You installed twrp boot into the recovery mode of a mobile.
II:-Go to advanced>>file Manager to acces the files in your cell phone.

3. Go to the /data/system folder. Scroll down & find the two files with the .key extension. Delete both of them (by tapping on the file and then tapping the Delete icon). Then, delete all the files containing the word lock settings of the mobile.
  • password.key
  • pattern.key
  • lock settings.db
  • lock settings.db-shm
  • lock settings.db-wal
Once you have deleted all the key and lock settings files, reboot your Mobile System. If it asks you to install SuperSU root file, select Don't Install so, be careful.

Once Android system starts, your lock screen should appear, with no PIN or password prompt exactly. Unlock your smartphone and head to Mobile Android Settings. Now Go to Security >> Screen Lock. From there, you can choose a new PIN code or password to lock/unlock your phone.

Hope this helped you. Thanks
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